set 3, 2023
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Wahbeh, H., Speirn, P., Pederzoli, L. & Tressoldi, P. (2023). Channelers’ Answers to
Questions from Scientists: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 37,3, 348-369.

Tressoldi, P. & Katz, L. (2023). Remote Viewing: A 1974-2022 Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 37,3, 467-489.

Storm, L. & Tressoldi, P. (2023). Assessing 36 Years of the Forced Choice Design in Extra Sensory Perception Research: A Meta-Analysis, 1987 to 2022. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 37,3, 517-535.

Tressoldi, P., & Long, J. (2023). God’s characteristics as reported by near-death experiencers. 







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Quantum-like mental phenomena

The main aim of this  project is to study if some quantum "weirdness", like nonlocality, entanglement, state vector reduction, etc., can be observed in some psychological functions, i.e. perception, reasoning. In particular we are interested in studying if phenomena like Extrasensory Perception, Anticipatory Responses, Distant Mental Interactions, etc. may be considered quantum-like mental properties.

At a more general level, we are interested in studying whether mental phenomena are really different from physical phenomena and their relationship.
At present, we are carrying out the research project "EEG correlates of mental entanglement at distance" in collaboration with the EvanLab, now founded by Bial Foundation.


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