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Wahbeh, H., Speirn, P., Pederzoli, L. & Tressoldi, P. (2023). Channelers’ Answers to
Questions from Scientists: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 37,3, 348-369.

Tressoldi, P. & Katz, L. (2023). Remote Viewing: A 1974-2022 Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 37,3, 467-489.

Storm, L. & Tressoldi, P. (2023). Assessing 36 Years of the Forced Choice Design in Extra Sensory Perception Research: A Meta-Analysis, 1987 to 2022. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 37,3, 517-535.

Tressoldi, P., & Long, J. (2023). God’s characteristics as reported by near-death experiencers. 







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Theoretical papers

Rock, A, J., Houran, J., Tressoldi, P. E. & Laythe, B. (2023). Is Biological Death Final? Recomputing the Drake-S Equation for Postmortem Survival of Consciousness. International Journal of Transpersonal Studies. Advance Publication Archive. 65.

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Tressoldi, P. (2021). Being You by Anil Seth book review.

Tressoldi, P. (2021). Does it matter to define what is matter? A primer for materialists and beyond.

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Facco, E., Fracas, F., Tagliagambe, S., & Tressoldi, P. (2021). On the nature and role of Consciousness: is it time to move towards a metaphilosophical and metascientific approach?



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